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This site is inspired by Keith L. Allison’s former Puppets365.com,  James Wojtal’s A Puppet A Day, Andrew Young’s Puppet Vision, and many other sites. Each of these was or is a daily update involving puppets.  Now I won’t find a new incredible puppet each day, build a puppet each day, or bring daily puppet news to the web. What I would like to do is highlight 52 unique, creative, and fun examples of puppets; share 52 videos involving puppetry; publish 52 different posts on tutorials, tips, and information around puppetry; and share 52 of my own builds.  So the goal of this site is to do a little of each of those things each week for at least one year. Then see what happens.

In the coming days I will highlight many of resources I use such as Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and many other puppet sites on the web. I’m planning on using this forum to reach out to the puppet world, so that I may get to know better and be known better by the artists and community I love and loosely communicate with now. The intent like Keith’s Puppet365 is to not only find puppet content but also highlight the artists behind the content to bring attention to their work.

When I got started in puppetry, I had resources like Nick Barone’s Puppet Builder, Snap Dragon puppet’s site, and Swazzle’s Puppet 101 blog. So we’ll also explore resources that helped get me started and are available today or answer common questions I’ve had and I see others have on a regular basis.

If you’re interested in having one of your puppet creations featured or something you’ve found or been inspired by don’t be shy. Use the handy submission form and get it in today!

Please read more about the structure of this site and its content or about me.

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