How this site works

To cover puppet builds, performances, resources, and more I’m using the following structure. Where possible I’m attempting to reach out and get more information from the artist, and I plan to include links to their website, twitter or email contact, and other social media links.

News – A weekly summary of puppetry things I’m aware of going on the previous week, or coming soon. Announcements, events, conventions, shows, etc.

Puppets – Think of this as a puppet spotlight, one to two puppets a week that have something fun, creative, cool, or representative of an artist’s work.

Videos – If its a video or video series, on the internet now, and includes puppets it should be shared here.

Throwback – Thursday throwback highlighting weekly puppet stuff from the past.

Puppet•pourri – Weekly link to a builder, studio, book, pattern, website, or resource. This is a really the grab bag for any kind of link I’d like to highlight.

Personal – Puppets or productions of my own creation.

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