In progress: Patches.

This weekend I’m building my first human handed or live handed puppet. This is where the puppet has a hand for the mouth, and the puppeteers other hand fits inside of one of the puppets hands. I’ve making a similar pattern similar to the following, but I’m leaving out the foam body, and leaving it […]


Three months back, I took BJ Guyer’s Foam carving class at Stan Winston.  At the same time they release on-demand his How to build an Arm-Rod Puppet class.  This is a quick result based on this class. Using BJ’s class he provides patterns for hand, skull, body, and mouth plate. He walks through putting all this […]

Ms. Fox

One of my first puppets of my own creation shared here is Ms. Fox. Created for my daughter’s talent show. To teach her students singing “What does the fox say?” by Ylvis. Ms. Fox is a teacher made from polar fleece. The head was made using James Kemp’s human head pattern. The pattern became deformed as I added […]