New Zoo Revue

When growing up I remember many shows on the TV that included puppetry, and one I remember watching frequently other than the standard Sesame Street is the New Zoo Review. This educational musical half hour show ran from 1972-1977 with 196 episodes. It featured the youthful free spirit Freddie the Frog, the by the book, know-it-all […]

Flat Eric

Remember those Levi’s commercials with a car driving down the street with a yellow puppet rocking out to electronic music? That little guy was Flat Eric. “Flat Eric is a low-tech, yellow puppet character from Levi’s commercials for Sta-Prest One Crease Denim Clothing, built by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop. His name comes from an idea for […]

Puppet Productions

My first throwback Thursday is Puppet Productions (1970-2009), but that company is no longer with us. The good news is their designs live on with Frontier Creations™ aka Puppets Inc. This was the creator of my first “professional” puppet. I loved puppets as a kid, loved Sesame Street and the Muppets, and the small independent toy store down […]