Ms. Fox

Ms Fox

One of my first puppets of my own creation shared here is Ms. Fox. Created for my daughter’s talent show. To teach her students singing “What does the fox say?” by Ylvis.

Ms. Fox is a teacher made from polar fleece. The head was made using James Kemp’s human head pattern. The pattern became deformed as I added a foam skull, so his pattern looks better than my results.  Her arms are using Project Puppet style arms, posable hands, and removable arm rods.  Her torso is using a Dr Puppet inspired body and she also has breasts I patterned out of foam.

Her mouth plate is a basic plastic two piece mouth plate, and doesn’t have any straps for support. All the head mouth support is provided by the foam skull. She has an internal sock though out covering the puppeteers hand.

The eyes are vinyl cut and place on a sheet of plastic, with a 3mm sheet of black eva foam to make the glasses.

Her nose and tongue are both carved poly foam. The nose is covered in fleece, and the tongue is dyed with a dark pink rit dye.