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Blog/NewsBlank Puppets

The Golden Glue Gun blog featuring Dallin (Blanks Puppets) Blankenship's puppet creations.

Blog/NewsPuppet Vision

The PuppetVision Blog is all about puppeteers and the art of puppetry. Founded in 2004, its mission to discover and share great puppetry from around the world and across the web.

Blog/NewsPuppeteers Unite

Established by Tom Stewart a site for news related to the art of puppetry. Directory of builder resources, puppetry links, and tutorials.

Blog/NewsThe Ultimate Nerd-ament with Stanley and JAX!

A blog and video series featuring self professed comic book nerd, Stanley and his best friend, the near sentient robot JAX, were arguing over which superhero superpower was the best and, unable to decide, they decided to have a tournament to find out! A Nerd-ament, if you will! Stanley and JAX got themselves a booth at the Comikazie Expo in Los Angeles and interviewed superhero fans to help them crown the most Superior Superpower of All Time! It’s March Madness meets comic books where the fans decide! It’s The Ultimate Nerd-ament with Stanley and JAX and it only happens on Stan Lee’s World of Heroes!